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She Got Sick!

It finally happened. The dreaded call at the most inopportune time. Up against deadline for a project, day care called. She’s got a 102.8 Fahrenheit temp. She’s cranky. She’s not her happy self. We have to go and pick her up.

Luckily, my husband’s day was lighter than mine. He picked her up. The scare of my daughter being ill was mixed in with guilt in the fact that my reaction was “Oh *@@*, I have a deadline.”  I realized that I had suddenly become what I dreaded. The mom who doesn’t appreciate all it takes to be a good mom, so I realized that the deadline will get done and my daughter needs me.

It took some loving as I held her in my arms, feeling her hot head against my chest. It also took a series of doctor’s remedies including a warm bath (I highly recommend this action before anything else to get a fever down), a dose of both infant Tylenol (I love the Target generic brand as it’s $2.34 versus the $7.99 or sometimes $9 price tag for Tylenol) and infant Motrin (also a Target generic brand was used as the price was $3.54 versus $8 for Motrin). For some reason, the pediatric nurse practicioner recommended giving her both to get the fever down. It worked!  I personally believe the TLC and warm bath was the most successful.

The pediatric NP said that my daughter (who is now 9 months and a puny little 16 pounds) can take about a dropper and a half of the generic infant Tylenol ever four hours and about 4 cc of the infant Motrin every six hours. My daughter didn’t need more than one dose of the mixture, and another two doses of infant Tylenol. The warm bath really got her fever down and restored her to her happy self after a nice long sleep.

Of course, my deadline was made. My husband — whom I appreciate more and more every day — shared in the caretaking we had to do the following 24 hours when she wasn’t in daycare, but back to her happy, exploring and mobile baby self. She was crawling all over the house as if she never had a fever within 12 hours of the 3 p.m. call we received from daycare the day previous.

My advice to any new mom with a sick baby home from day care — give her a warm bath and generic infant Tylenol before even calling your pediatrician. The bath was magical!


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