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Pinching Pennies & Still Spending Too Much?

It happened to me again. The seasons changed. I thought my daughter had enough summer clothes, but 3 pairs of shorts and a sun dress doesn’t do it for a year old whose digestive world has just opened up.

My general rule is to spend only $5 or less on any one piece of clothing for my daughter as she grows so fast these clothes aren’t going to last. Now, she needs as many as two outfits a day at daycare. Sometimes, she needs three.

Laundry is an answer, but I still can’t keep up. Thus, when my daycare pleaded “More Summer Clothes Please,” I gave in and went shopping.

My bargain hunting skills aren’t what they used to be, so when I read that Carters was having a 70% off sale I ran to their discount store near me. It wasn’t so discount. The shorts offered in her size were $5 or more. The cute sun outfits even on the clearance rack were $7.99 (cleverly marked $1.99 and up to get me over there). I went on to Target. Now, this is my FAVORITE store for baby things. Still, I caught them on a week without sales. They were less expensive than Carter’s however with shorts marked at $4 a piece. T-shirts and tank tops were also $4 a piece. I also checked out TJ Maxx. Great place for baby clothes, but still my quest for the $1.50 bargain didn’t happen there either. I did get better deals on Carter brand sundresses.

My cousin can always find great deals online. My goal now is to share her tips with you when I find them. She works the sale and clearance racks at Children’s Place, The Gap Baby stores, and even Gymboree to find her daughter great deals on clothes for under $2. More to come on my quest to be frugal.

I will report back after my visit this weekend with her in Philadelphia. She is sure to have some tips that I will use and publish for you to use also.

Being caught off guard is never a good formula to find bargains. However, my trip to Carter’s produced 5 outfits for $18. My trip to Target purchased 2 pairs of shorts for $5. Finally, my trip to TJ Maxx cost me $11 for 2 sun outfits and 1 pair of shorts. My daughter is ready for summer in her new size – 18 months. Daycare will be well stocked too, so she doesn’t have to be the “poor girl who has to borrow from the other better dressed girls at school”… oh, memories came pouring over me last night when I picked her up at daycare to find her in “borrowed” clothes.

More tips on bargain hunting will come. It’s my goal to master this!  I will NOT pay more than $5 for any one piece of clothing for her until she is at least 2 years old. She is growing too fast. You read it here!!


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