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Choosing Great Age-Appropriate Toys: Cool Guide!!

In the category of “Why didn’t I think of this before?” is a great toy selection guide I found inside the One Step Ahead catalog. It’s so good that I thought I’d synthesize it for every mom reading my blog to enjoy.

Wish I had this printed out with me the last time I went struggling to find good stage-appropriate toys for my baby daughter. Now, I have it in my purse for the next time I go out looking for new toys for her.

Here it is: A Toy Guide for Every Anxious Mom or Dad searching for the perfect age-appropriate toy!!

BIRTH TO SIX MONTHS – Choose Stimulating Sensory & Motor Development Toys

– Colorful mobiles and banners that stimulate vision

– Rattles, teethers nd other sensory toys that expose baby to a variety of sounds and textures

– Baby safe mirrors (babies are drawn to faces)

– Activity centers and baby gyms that encourage reaching and grasping

– “Tummy time” toys that help build abdominal strength (a must for back-sleeping babies)

– Age appropriate educational videos and music to stimulate vision and hearing

SIX MONTHS – TWELVE MONTHS:  Choose toys that encourage interactive play

– Activity centers and push/pull toys that allow baby to create movement

– Musical and sound-making toys

– Shape sorters and nesting cups reinforce concept of object permanence

– Adventure courses that encourage creeping and crawling

– First photo albums

– Gentle rockers and bouncers that satisfy baby’s love of motion

– Stuffed animals, dolls and “blankies” for cuddling

– Age-appropriate educational videos and musics

– Storybooks that you read to baby

TWELVE TO EIGHTEEN MONTHS: Choose goal-oriented play

– Building blocks, play sets and bead mazes that encourage experimentation and develop fine motor skills

– Active toys such as toddler swing sets, safety trikes and wagons that allow tots to delight in motion

– Very simple musical instruments

– “Hands on” toys like a jack-in-the-box, pail and shovel, and water toys

EIGHTEEN MONTHS TO TWO YEARS:  Toys that encourage problem-solving play

– Rocking horses, playhouses, miniature appliances and other toys that foster imitative play

– Puppets and dolls

– Costumes

– Puzzles, blocks and construction sets that create opportunities for problem-solving

TWO YEARS TO THREE YEARS:  Toys that encourage the age of mastery

– Art and craft supplies, such as finger paints, chalk boards, easels and modeling clay

– Simple board games for beginners

– Train sets and cars, dolls with accessories


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