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A Kid-Mom Focused Moderator Becomes A Mom!

Kid-Mom Focus Group Moderator Becomes A Mom Herself

After 20-plus years of marketing to kids and moms, I’m finally a mom myself

I have more than 20 years of experience in advertising and marketing to moms and kids, working with brands including AOL, Blockbuster Video, Burger King, Coca Cola, Frigidaire, General Mills, Genie, Marshall Field’s, Target and Wyeth Nutrition.  My company -LitBrains-Igniting Ideas! – was incorporated in 2001. I am a trained moderator certified by both RIVA and Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI) in projective tools & techniques, as well as facilitation using the arts. Becoming a mom is one of the most monumental points in my life. Now, I am viewing my work as an extension of what I live every day. It excites me to be able to meet with other moms and interview their kids about a variety of issues, exploring opportunities for marketers to improve their relationships with these very important populations. It’s important to be authentic. My role as a focus group moderator and idea facilitator is to ensure that marketers stay just that — real.


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