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Please and Thank You

Please and thank you. It’s my little pet peeve when kids demand things from their parents, grandparents, caregivers or any one and they aren’t asking nicely.

There is a point in my daughter’s daycare at the end of the day where she moves into a classroom with pre-schoolers around 4 or 5 years old. My daughter is only 2 years old, but impressionable nonetheless. A few of the older girls are not nice to the caregivers demanding things from them without niceties like please and thank you. It reflects so poorly on the kid, but also the parents.

I love that my daughter is learning lots of things in daycare, but this is not okay. It’s one of those things that you as a parent have to offer as an example of what NOT to do to your child. Although she is only two years old, my daughter is saying PLEASE and THANK YOU whenever she’s around me. I do the same with her and also thank her daddy too, so she sees how nice it is.

PLEASE and THANK YOU is such a nice thing coming from a little girl. I’m very proud of her when she remembers to say that to my parents and other people. It shows the beginning of a soon-to-be little lady!

For this, I am old fashioned. It’s just that being grateful for what you have and who you are with is such an amazingly wonderful thing to always show. This is what I want our daughter to be. I am- afterall – grateful for her every day!


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