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Our Little Circus Act

Now that our daughter is 18 months old, she is beginning to talk. Babble is more like it. She says bye bye, throws kisses on command and always says a big “hi, mama” or “hi, dada” to warm up our hearts when she wakes up. The girl knows how to work it.

We are working on teaching her body parts. She can point to her nose, ears, eyes, tummy and belly button appropriately.

However, I can’t help but think that she is fast becoming a circus performer when we ask her to show various relatives all of the amazing things she is learning. My father who she calls “Zadie” lives far away, so his connection with her is often via phone. He makes a great sound that sounds like an odd bird’s mating call. Our daughter can imitate him on command. It warms his heart to hear her imitate him, so she performs for him often.

Yesterday at the pediatrician’s office, she asked us what our daughter can say and do. Once again, we had her perform.

Perhaps, I need to stop our odd ritual. It’s just so darn cute when she recites a new word or imitates sounds. Surely, the time will come when she stops wanting to please me. Guess my husband and I should enjoy it now!


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