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Sweet 16… Months…

It’s been a very busy 4 months. My daughter is officially a toddler as she walks determined through our house exploring every nook and cranny. Yesterday, a set of drawers fell almost on top of her. It was scary!

This got me thinking that even with all of the baby proofing we’ve done it’s still about one single moment. I want to balance my daughter’s desire to have adventure. Her curiosity is what makes her understand the world. This is something I don’t want to squash, but I also want her safe. Living in fear is bad for me, but may be necessary as she navigates this fun new world. My husband and my “hawk eyes” will need to be always around her, but from a distance.

There are a few basic rules I like to live by, and will share with you:

1) She rides her Kettler quadro-bike with a helmet always!

2) She has learned to go “tuschy first” down the stairs where there are gates prominently positioned that require her to get me before she begins.

3) She must be within eye sight at all times of either my husband or me.

The remaining internal balance I give myself is that things happen. My desire to raise a strong and savvy young woman doesn’t come without sacrifice. I believe she needs some freedom to become this great lady I envision. My hope is that she will always hear “Yay” in her head when she accomplishes something great as we always applaud her now. I’m assuming that great ladies like Eleanor Roosevelt, Golda Meier, Hilary Clinton, Marie Curie, Madeline Albreight, Katie Couric, Tina Fey and others all heard that from their mothers. No pressure to my daughter, but I expect no less from her because I’ve given her the latitude she currently has to explore our home even with dressers falling and other potential hazards in her way. It’s not like other great women before her didn’t have to traverse tough terrain like that!


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