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The Transition to MILK – It Does a Body Good…

It’s funny. I’ve talked to so many more experienced moms about when the right time is to transition your baby from infant formula to milk. They all offer very different advice.

My daughter is 11 months old. She is growing well, but still registers a “proportional” 25 percent on the charts for weight and height. (Her head is a little bigger, but she’s cute anyway).

She is loving the “real” food I am giving her — everything from string cheese, chicken, cooked carrots and asparagus to potatoes, hummus, bananas, apples and pears. She is quite a healthy eater. We are really lucky that the only thing she really doesn’t like is peas and green beans. My decision to introduce milk was one I felt she has been ready for this month with her real food transition going so well. She is getting great nutrition. Infant formula is becoming less and less important for her overall calorie intake is diverse and nutritious.

The mommy network however seems to be a bit across the board. Many mothers I talked to insisting that you must wait until the child is a year to assure she’s getting the right nutritional intake.

I asked both my daughter’s pediatrician and my retired pediatrician, wise old dad this question and both replied that she is absolutely ready to receive milk. I listened to my medical advisors. The transition was really smooth. She still gets infant formula in the night time before she goes to bed to make sure she is full at night, but received whole milk for the first two weeks of this transition and is now completely on 2 percent milk two or three times a day baby.

The milk transition has gone well so far. The mommy network is in awe of me right now because they are receiving tons of messages from infant formula companies about the “transition” happening at 12 months. And I just listened to my gut. I did receive a great mailing from Enfamil (not my infant formula brand right now though) who says the transition to growing up milk should be 9 months to 15 months. (Thank you Enfamil for making me feel better).

Personally, I believe it’s a cultural thing. We American mommies may be too overwrought with nutritional supplement messaging for us to make a gut decision that’s right for our child alone. My daughter is doing great with milk. In fact, her hair has grown much faster and shinier than before. She hasn’t been sick in over a month even though her daddy has and several day care buddies have too. Might be the overall nutrition she is now receiving with a more diverse food palette, but she is loving her milk. It seems to be doing her body good!! (Insert Milk advertising messaging here)…


May 24, 2010 - Posted by | New Moms, What to buy for new mothers

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