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Infant Tylenol & The Difficulty of Quality Control in What We Buy…

After I heard about the recent recall of Infant Tylenol and Motrin (as well as other children’s trusted everyday medicine brands), I realized again that it isn’t always the name brand that matters but the trust you have in where it came from and the total lack of control we have in the actual quality of what we give our children. This goes for medicine, diapers, baby food and almost everything else.

In the age of outsourcing, brand name doesn’t always mean it was manufactured by that brand.

As a new parent, I am very concerned about the larger picture of what I’m giving my daughter. Organics don’t mean what it used to, so buying an Organic cheese or milk product from a premium brand could still lead to what happened with a trusted parent brand like Infant Tylenol. It was a bit of dirt that got into several vials of Infant Tylenol. This could happen to any product we give to our child. The problem was minor. The manufacturer’s reaction was good and quick. Yet, I still wonder how many other products we give our children every day are not undertaking strict quality control measures to make sure nothing gets out with even that minor infraction.

Mount onto that, scares that happened last year with infant formula in China and lead getting into toys that were made by China. It leaves parents like me concerned.

For me, I purchase products that I feel come from a good and trusted manufacturer and retailer who I hope are helping me review the quality control. Extra assurances like “lead free” or “BPA free” are great, but I need to know about where the manufacturing took place and the quality control measures taken. Perhaps, I’d even endorse a signature of the inspector on the products I give my child. Remember the underwear commercials that touted the inspector lady.

I realize that it is also my duty as a parent to look for the obvious like specs of dirt inside a product I am giving my child. It isn’t just buying from a trusted manufacturer that gives us quality control any more. We need to make sure we are also looking and protecting our children.

My role as my daughter’s parent is to not only look for the obvious, but understand who and where the products I give her are made. I am also going to check with the pharmacist at Target and my doctor who is unaffiliated with that retailer to double check if the generic brand I currently purchase because it’s significantly cheaper than Infant Motrin and Tylenol is safe and who makes it. Generic doesn’t necessarily mean no control measures. Target is a trusted retailer who I believe will be diligent for me in providing good generic brands. I just need to make sure.

Again, I feel like the spec of dirt was not horrible. It just reconfirms my need to stay diligent in what my daughter and my whole family digests. My role as my daughter’s mom is to understand what to react to as a concern and what to understand as something to watch.

This is something I’m just going to try to understand, so she’s safe, but not over-react. It’s hard to stay diligent and not be that overprotective, obnoxious savior mom I am trying to avoid being.


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