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The Whole New World of Table Foods! Yay!

After 3 months of introducing a bunch of new foods that started at 6 months with the ever-plugging iron-fortified cereals (both rice and oatmeal were not fun additions) and then moved onto a variety of interesting smelling organic substances they call baby food, my 9 month old daughter is eating a good deal of real table foods I can recognize. And she’s loving them! (Complete with jubilant kicks when seeing the foods come to her at her high chair).

We started with simple foods like YoBaby – an organic yogurt from Stonyfield Farm that probably has too much sugar, but is conveniently packaged in great small and easy to use cartons. (As I mentioned before, the environment is less of an issue for me these days than it should be as I can barely sleep, but we are recycling bottles and cartons as much as possible, I promise). YoBaby has the hormone free milk and great flavors like pear, sweet potato, raspberry, strawberry, etc.

Then, we incorporated foods that she has enjoyed in the organic baby foods. I’m trying to keep her in organic foods when it comes to foods without protective skins — e.g. strawberries, raspberries, milk — because of all of the weird chemicals that have affected the growth of girls, especially. We incorporated organic cheeses and no hormone injected chicken (not organic per se, but the chickens were free range and not given hormones). We also gave her some skinned grapes. She loved them.

We’re moving onto vegetables that aren’t from a jar too. Transitioning from jarred organic sweet potatoes to steamed sweet potatoes, for instance. Steaming carrots is also a first step into table foods for her. She loves them. Now that she is 9 months –with 2 fully-in teeth on the bottom and 4 teeth coming in on the top — she is able to chew/suck in a pretty good way. Nothing too hard to chew, but lumpy works great for her. They call this “Stage 3” in the marketing of baby food. My pediatrician said that this is the time table foods are better, so I’m transitioning her off of the jarred baby foods with “Stage 3” organic offerings that are easy to prepare, but making my own foods more often.

It’s pretty cool how easy eating has come to her. Given our family history with loving food on both sides, I wouldn’t expect anything less. The jubilant kicks upon seeing foods like cheese – however – are really making this table food thing fun!

Our pediatrician also recommended we incorporate food items that most kids later dislike –such as salmon– to ensure she is introduced to them early may mean she will keep on eating them when white foods become more of a mantra. (We all know those kids who only eat “white foods” such as white bread, french fries and macaroni). We are stuck in the suburbs where good fish is hard to come by, but I am looking hard for fresh and farmed salmon. Considering a drive into the City for some great fish monger fish. I am also checking the fish watch web sites to make sure the fish I choose isn’t on those high mercury lists.  I also want her to eat good things like avocados with omega-3 and other great unsaturated fats that her body will love as her skin and hair continue to grow.

It feels like I’m starting a painting and need to get the right paints to make sure the finished picture is a good one. I want her body to grow well, but also want to make an exploration of good food. Eating great nutritional food can be a fun thing. Food is a window to learning new cultures and also nutritionally an important thing to become a strong and healthy person. Food has always been an adventure for her daddy and me (sometimes too much of one), so I want her to feel the same way. It’s a big deal!

Again, my mantra about organic foods for her is to buy items without skins as organic, but safely purchase non-organic fruits and vegetables with skins from my local market who I trust. I literally go to a local market who buys from local farmers wherever possible for our family’s produce with or without skin. I’m trying not to be crazy about it. Practical because the costs of organic produce is out of sight, and frankly any practical nutritionist will agree that protective skin fruits and vegetables (oranges, bananas, etc) are safe. It’s the thin skins that you eat or could eat such as carrots, zucchinis, apples that investing in organic could be beneficial.

The cool benefit of eating table foods now is that the lovely digestive issues that started when she transitioned from solely drinking infant formula to cereals has gone away. She is also one happy camper because the girl loves her food!!!


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