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The Real Poop — Tip for Parents With a Hard Decision

It happened. I am now a real mother. Worrying about of all things — the “p” word. This is a disgusting blog entry, so if you are weak in the stomach about such things I’d suggest you stop reading this entry. However, if you have a child who has “trouble” letting go, this could save you some good money.

After my daughter spent a whole week in agony, I figured out that what I thought was first teething and then an ear ache was really she having trouble releasing very hard poops. It was gut wrenching (literally for her) to watch. With a father who is a retired pediatrician, I felt hesitant to call her doctor with this worry. I was staying with my dad for our vacation/work holiday in Minneapolis, so it was easier to ask him.

He suggested we put maple syrup in her bottle and increase the liquid intake. Turns out — it’s not just for pancakes!!

Just to be safe if his age-old remedy did not work, my dad also called the pharmacy for a natural remedy that for the sake of anonymity because it was a total rip off I will not tell you the name. This “natural” remedy or stool softener for infants under 1 year was $100 a vial. (Note: over the counter stool softener is not supposed to be given to children under the age of 1 year for some reason that my dad could not understand, but it says so on the package so we didn’t even try). Turns out, it also helped to pull back on the oatmeal she was having 3 times a day too. (Uh, DUH)… We also introduced yogurt into her diet to help with her liquid too.

The result is something I’d love to share, but well — I don’t think you want to know. Needless to say, she is her happy self again. Plus, I saved a $100 mistake that frankly would’ve really pissed me off!


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